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3D/4D Ultrasound Probe for Italian Trainee

  • RAB4-8L / P, RIC5-9H, 3D4-7EK, RAB2-5L, V6-2, RAB4-8-D
On 5th, Dec.2016, three Italians visit our company, and one of them takes our training courses of 3D/4D ultrasound probe for one week. The courses includes structure of the working principle and troubleshooting for ultrasound probe. During the training, our professional engineers teach the trainee about probe lens replace and practice, probe housing fault replace and practice, probe cable fault analysis and replace, probe strain relief fault analysis, replace and practice, Philips and GE 3D/4D probe common fault analysis,  and     troubleshootings for above problems. The trainee learns carefully and gives a high appraisal to our training courses. If you want to learn, welcome to contact us!


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