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International Study Course

International Medical Equipment Skills and Maintenance Study Course
With the global increasing market demand of medical device, the medical device industry has become one of the world's fastest growing industries.
China is the world's manufacturing center of medical devices and has many professional engineers and technicians. At the same time, we discover that few international and domestic universities & colleges or educational institutions provide medical device application technology training program for international students. Therefore, relying on our experience and abilities, we are decided to start up this course so as to give support to global medical device development.

I. Advantage

DODODO Medical Equipment Service Co., Ltd, as a all-round & professional medical equipment service company since 1997, we provide repair and maintenance services for monitor, ventilator, rigid endoscope, flexible endoscope, ultrasound and so on.
We carry out medical equipment maintenance and technical training for domestic and foreign engineers, also build a long-term school- enterprise cooperation and have skills training for medical students.
Our mission is to inspire, challenge and educate. Whether youve got high school qualification; whether youre willing to get involved in medical equipment for the servicing sector, but the lack of medical equipment maintenance experience, DODODO offers a wide range of educational opportunities.
DODODO repair training trainees from all over the world!!!


II.Contents of study 

Including Analog Electronic Circuit Technology, Digital Electronic Technique, Medical Devices Introduction, Medical Electronic Maintenance Technology, Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instrument Maintenance Technology, Medical Optical Instruments Maintenance Technology, Machinery Production Technique, Medical Ventilator Maintenance Technology and Medical product introduction. Visiting other medical companies in China.

III Teaching Features

1. Theory learning + Practice Training: Theory learning can provide a basic overview of medical skills and maintenance for those who never know this field at all. Meanwhile, we have real repair workshop in our company, practice training can enhance students exercise ability, during which can understand the theory deeply.

2. Study Tour: Theory learning + Practice training in Guangzhou, cruise teaching for medical companies in China(Such as Mindray,etc). A study tour helps students appreciate their field of study more and it really helps them better realize the interaction between their chosen fields of study to the rest of the world. Study tours help students open themselves to many possibilities that are not just contained in one geographical location or culture, That is why study tours are being more and more prevalent among students of any age.

3. Issue Training Certificate: We will issue training certificate for every trainee after 3-monthstraining.

4. Rich Experience for International Repair TrainingOur engineers, with rich repairing experience around 10 years, they good international perspective and teach trainees from all over the world!

5. Medical College Partners: Southern Medical UniversityGuangdong Food And Drug Vocational CollegeShanxi Pharmacy Vocational College, etc.

IV. Rich experience for International Repair Training

Medical training schools ( rigid endoscope)

Flexible endoscope repair training courses
Ultrasound repair skills training courses

V. Academic Expenses                        
- Tuition and Fees  $ 8,000 / person(excluding hotel & board expense,translation fee, etc) 
VI.Opening time and location
Time: From Jun. 15th to Sept. 14th every year.
Location: DODODO(Guangzhou) + Cruise teaching (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing,etc)
VIISmall class sizes and hands-on learning
Numbers: 30 persons/class ( at least 5 persons for opening course), to ensure the quality of teaching and learning effect.
1. Course Schedule
2. FAQ
1.Course Schedule
NO. Course Quarters Programs Auxiliary Equipment
1 Analog Electronic Circuit Technology 30 Reference book "Analog CMOS IC Design"(English) Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits Analog circuit board
2 Digital Electronic Technique 30 "Digital Electronic Technology"                    Digital Fundamentals Tenth Edition Digital electric circuit board
3 Medical Devices Introduction 20 Medical Devices Introduction /
4 Medical Electronic Maintenance Technology 36 Medical electronic instrument analysis and maintenance Electrocardiogram machine, monitor, defibrillation apparatus and dynamical system
5 Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instrument Maintenance Technology 40 Medical Ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument Application and Maintenance Black & White Ultrasound, Color Doppler Ultrasound
6 Medical Optical Instruments Maintenance Technology 98 Medical Optical Instruments Application and Maintenance Flexible endoscope,Rigid endoscope,Video camera system
7 Machinery Production Technique 36 Mechanical Manufacturing Technology Base Surgical Instruments, Sickbed, Cranes, Trolley, Bracket
8 Medical Ventilator Maintenance Technology 36 "Practical ventilator therapy"                          Clinical Application of Ventilators Drager,PB,Maquet ventilator
9 Medical product introduction 16   Commonly used medical consumables, Physiotherapy, Anesthesia machine, High Frequency Electric Knife,etc.
Total 342    
1.The form of Introduction course:invite speaker from medical company, or visit medical company.
2. The course arrange theory classes in the morning, practical classes in the afternoon.                                                                           
After completion of the above International Medical Equipment Maintenance Training will be eligible for employment and work of the company recommended to the hospital or other business opportunities.
1. How to get visa?
According to related requirements of China visa, we will provide invitation letter for you to get visa. It is suggested that you should get Business Visit Visa with the purpose of duration of your stay. 
2. How to solve language problem?
The course language is Chinese. If you are not satisfied with English translation service provided by us which is $40 per day, you need to employ translation service provider with the help of us. Generally, the cost is more than $100 per day. For example, English translation charge is $100 per day, if Russian, $200.
3. Where to stay and live?
Some business hotel apartments near to teaching location. By the way, you can choose single room, double room, etc. The accommodation charge is less than $40 per day. If for over one month, it will be cheaper.
4. Where to get something to eat and drink?
There are some restaurants and stores near to your business hotel apartment. It is very convenient for you to get something to eat and drink. 
5. How to take transportation?
After your arrival at the first day, someone will take you to experience different transportations including bus, taxi and subway. For example, if you want to go to the nearest metro station, you should take No.390 or No.344 bus to there. 
6. How to carry out cruise teaching? 
Totally in Guangzhou( within Guangdong province) or maybe other big cities in China. If one-day tour within Guangdong province, those charges will be for free. If not, those expenses( transportation, accommodation, etc.) will be paid by yourself. When carrying out cruise teaching, we also will travel lots of attractions in China. ( 
7. How to get insurance?
For your own safety, we will help you to get insurance. The charge will be borne by the insured.
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