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Video Tour Process

Welcomed to have a face-to-face visiting of our company ( Repair workshop, Training room, Work office etc.)  by internet now, you will see everyone of us and our work condition (daily work, repair, training, etc.), follow the next steps please:

1.Open the followed web : ,or click live system "Video Tour"  in the left side of our homepage.  


2. Install the ActiveX accordingly in 2 seconds.


3.Fill in account & password (Account: dododo , Password: 201071416)


4. Logining and operation. Choose English or your familiar language in the homepage. Several language are available for you to choose from “TOP” option ,such as English ,French, Spanish, Italian Korean, etc.


5. Click single for our company hall, Click multi for every office ( Sub-branch office included).And to see every screen you need to fill in the account and code, then keep record you could see all the screens.

Tips: This live video system operates from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm in our Chinese work time, please choose right time,and sometimes you may fail due to visiting peak time.

We are always here waiting for you!